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Surfside´s ASADA is in charge of the Coordination of the Blue Flag Program Playa Potrero Committee, with private and public companies of the community such as Hotel Bahía del Sol, Marina Flamingo, Alfa Company, Abriendo Mentes, Coast Guard Flamingo, Firefighters of Costa Rica and Surfside Property Owner’s Association.

Among the activities carried out are:

1- Checking that AyA’s National Water Laboratory do the necessary analyzes to evaluate the quality of seawater and requesting the reports carried out.

2- Coordinating with the aqueduct operators to do the necessary analyzes to evaluate the quality of drinking water.

3- Coordinating in the community the carrying out of campaigns to clean up inorganic waste on the beach.

4- Implementing projects for proper management of solid waste on the beach.

5- Installing enough collectors for solid waste, necessary for the beach and make the coastal community aware of the importance of proper protection and management.

6- Doing inspections around the beach and verifying if there are industrial or domestic water discharges into the sea.

7- Coordinating workshops on environmental topics to school children.

8- Carrying out reforestation campaigns

9- Coordinating campaigns to fight Dengue.

10- Installing informative signs on dangerous currents, rocky areas, and care in general on the beach.

11- Installing of signs that inform visitors about available emergency services.

12- Presenting an annual work plan and a final report to ICT (Costa Rican Institute of Tourism) and raising the Blue Flag, among others.

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