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About Us


Lourdes Valverde – President

I have lived in the area for 14 years. I am a business administrator and have an MBA in International Business. I have been on the Asada´s Board of Directors since 2016, and it was when I “fell in love” with the water issue and the environmental issues, where we have focused some of the Asada’s efforts to make Surfside a better place for everyone.

As president of the Asada I am very proud of the work team that we have, they are all people eager to acquire new knowledge, 100% committed to the projects and above all, always pending to resolve in the best and more expeditious way all the situations that arise, turning the work environment into a place where everyone really wants to work and carry out many projects Thank you very much to all !!

Torsten Sarstedt -Vicepresident

Linda Michaud – Treasurer

I come from Quebéc, Canadá, I live in Playa Potrero for 8 years. I used to work in the aeronautical (helicopter builders) world as a buyer and administrator in tools & equipment for 30 years. Now retired and enjoy life with my husband, dogs, and birds.

Elizabeth Jane Welsh – Secretary

Originally from Minnesota but spent last 25 years in Phoenix Arizona. I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and spent most of my time in Semiconductor Manufacturing as Plant Controller. I have lived in Playa Potrero since 2021, with my husband and dogs.

Ivannia Alfaro -Vocal 1

Mike Hopkins – Vocal 2

Former School teacher, contractor, and Zoo director from California. I moved to Surfside in 2001. My wife Irma IS Costa Rican and we have bee married 14 years. I started a conservation foundation 20 years ago and we have projects in Arizona, Guatemala, Kenya and Costa Rica.

Doris Bruno – Vocal 3

Born in New York, raised in Puerto Rico, my passion towards nature ands a healthy life brought me to retire here in Costa Rica. I love helping others in anyways that I can.

Alonso Piedra – Fiscal


Marta Contreras – Administratror

She has been working at the Asada since 2017. She is in charge of all the operations of the Asada and has been a fundamental pillar for the Asada to be positioned as the number 1# Asada in Guanacaste. She always receives everyone with a smile and looks for the best solution to the problems from both users and the Asada.

Milena Castillo – Administrative Assistant

She has been with the Asadsa since 2019 with experience in the work, she has been an excellent addition to the team, always smiling and brings great Ideas to the projects of the Asada.

Josselyn Quirós – Plumbing Office Assistant

She came in August 2021 to do her graduation practice of CTP Cartagena, and she stayed working with us starting in December. She is in charge of inventory, data logger, and coordinates the information link between the plumbing department and the administration.

Juan Carlos Munguía – Plumbing Supervisor

Juan Carlos is the veteran of the Asada, he has been taking care of the aqueduct for 21 years and the water that we all consume, always willing to provide help and contribute with his knowledge to the processes of continuous improvement, he is in charge of supervising the plumbing staff.

Daniel Ruiz – Plumber

He joined our team in 2018, he began as an apprentice and has become a vital member of the work team that he forms together with Juan Carlos and Ever.

Ever Moreno – Plumber

He is our new work team member starting in August 2022, he already had previous plumbing experience, so his integration into the work team has been very easy and his contributions of ideas are already noticeable.


ASADAS (Administrating Associations of Sewers and Aqueducts) work under a delegation agreement given by the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueduct and Sewer (AyA); They function as non-profit organizations under the legal framework of the Associations Law 218.

Surfside’s aqueduct was built for supplying water to the community of Surfside, a residential located in Playa Potrero, Santa Cruz Guanacaste, established in 1974, officially becoming an ASADA in November 2010.


Ensuring access to drinking water and sanitation in a committed and responsible manner with health, water resource sustainability and sustainable community development.


Being an authorized operator, that stands out for its good service, effectiveness, efficiency and compliance with the legal and operational requirements demanded by the governing body.


Transparency: Render clear accounts to Associates, users and government entities, effectively and efficiently.

Solidarity: Maintaining a commitment of both the Board of Directors and officials, with the needs of our Associates and users.

Spirit of Service: Having a positive and supportive attitude with the community, collaborators, Board of Directors and neighboring Asadas, in order to fulfill our Mission, Vision and Objectives.

Responsibility and Commitment:
Having a responsible attitude towards technical and legal compliance, in the execution of their functions, oriented towards the fulfillment of the Asada’s objectives.

Respect: Maintain an attitude of respect and collaboration with our Associates, Users, Collaborators, Suppliers, State Institutions, Peer Organizations and members of the Board of Directors. 

Excellence: Adopt a commitment of both Collaborators and Board of Directors, with the best performance, with the aim of achieving the highest level of productivity and competitiveness in each of
our activities.